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Strelitzia Nicolai

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Native to Africa, the gorgeous Strelitzia Nicolai is more commonly called the giant white bird of paradise, and can grow as tall as 6 meters!

By keeping the following in mind, we think anyone can handle this beauty!

  • Origin: Native to South Africa

  • Common Names: White Bird of Paradise, Giant Bird of Paradise

  • Toxicity: Strelitzia Nicolai are toxic to animals and humans if ingested.

  • Water / Humidity: Strelitzia Nicolai like a bit of humidity; mist more than you water (which also helps keep the leaves free of dust). Root rot is a typical killer for this plant, so it’s really important to not over-water, and ideally use distilled water to avoid salt build-up in its soil. Moist soil = a happy Strelitzia Nicolai, with slight dry out between waterings.

  • Light: Strelitzia Nicolai tolerate a wide variety of indoor light conditions, from direct sun to low light. They cannot tolerate draughts, so keep them in a warm spot.

  • Soil / Nutrients: Strelitzia Nicolai prefer moist, well draining soil. During Spring - Summer, fertilize once monthly, and do not fertilize over the winter, as the plant goes into its dormant state.

  • Common Pests: Most common ailment is root rot (remember: mist more than you water!). Fungus disease, scale and aphids sometimes occur, typically in relation to poor watering.

  • Temperature: Indoor temperatures above 15°C are best for this plant.


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