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Crunchy Life Skin Care

Crunchy Life Roller Oil

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Grounded. This blend was carefully crafted to elicit feelings of self-confidence and self-assuredness. Vetiver and Cardamom's earthy aromas bring a sense of balance and clarity. Mouthwatering bergamot is unbelievably uplifting and relaxing. A powerful pick-me-up for moments of anxiety or when you're just feeling down.

Grounded is beautifully scented to be used as a perfume, but also has aromatherapy benefits for when you need a little encouragement. You got this.


Here's why you'll love it :

  • ORGANIC GRAPESEED OIL- a cold-pressed,  light, clear oil that absorbs into skin easily. 

  • ORGANIC VETIVER ESSENTIAL OIL- Sometimes known as the "oil of tranquility". It is deeply relaxing, balancing and healing for those who feel down and rootless. Strengthens the nervous and immune systems. Vetiver is very grounding, calming and can encourage restful sleep.

  • ORGANIC CARDAMOM ESSENTIAL OIL- Cardamom's unique aroma is warm and spicy. Cardamom is known to improve concentration and mental clarity. It soothes nervous tension by calming the mind and emotions. 

  • ORGANIC BERGAMOT ESSENTIAL OIL- A delicious combination of citrus and floral scents. Bergamot's powerfully uplifting and relaxing properties make it an invaluable tool for getting through hard moments, fear and anxiety. It is also a useful sleep aid as it can have sedative actions on the mind and body.

To Use:

Roll onto wrists, chest, and behind the ears. Take a moment to inhale deeply and feel the effects of the oils. Apply before a shower for an extra dose of relaxation.


.33 oz | 10 mL



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