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English Alphabet Block Set of Cubes for Children Wooden

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English alphabet block set of cubes for children ABC wooden cubes with letters present for child eco toys olive A set of 26 wooden blocks with the English alphabet from A-Z in beautiful olive green and golden brown colours. Each cube has rounded edges. They are of the perfect size for small hands of a child. Each block features four engraved sides showing an illustration, uppercase letter, lowercase letter and a word matching the alphabet letter they represent (not necessarily the first letter in a word) - with two plain sides: top and bottom. They can be used to help with learning the alphabet, letter sounds and to spell small words or names - as well as to build block towers and aid in hand-eye coordination. You can also use images to group them by themes, play games on developing attention and short-term memory and for storytelling: tell stories by picking new block each time and add the word into the plot.


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